Sunday, October 30, 2011

He's Faithful to the End

Today is a day when I LONG for my Lord to come back for me. I spend most of my days wrapped up in my life. I jet from place to place and wish for more time. Because I simply don't have time to do everything I need to. Or maybe want to. I think about my future, I replay situations over and over again in my head trying to make sure I did things the "right" way, I go and I go and I go....

Then things come to a crashing halt.

What am I living for?

The question invades my mind and heart. Instantly I am brought to my knees wondering how I have overlooked my sweet Jesus. I don't feel fulfilled and my heart aches because I look to my obligations and my relationships to fill needs that only Jesus can take care of. A person cannot replace the love of God. They most certainly can manifest it- but they absolutely cannot replace it. I am so tired of forgetting or downplaying what the Lord has done for me. I live as if all there is is exactly what I see. And that is such a lie.

I am learning so much about my Lord in these stretching and painful times of restlessness, forgetting then remembering, and feeling far from everyone around me. What is on my heart about my Abba today is that He is faithful even when I don't choose Him, even when I forget.